Rouhi – Waste

This week’s assigned source is about food waste in America. As you can see, I’ve practically given up on any smooth topic transition. We all probably feel the same way about throwing away perfectly good food, so I’m not going to waste any time ranting about how despicable this practice is.

First off, the government must develop some means of regulating the expiration dates of foods, whether by expanding the power of the FDA to also cover labeling or by creating a separate labeling administration. There might be plenty of people in America that argue against the expansion of government power, but I believe a slight increase in government regulation is better than allowing people to starve when we are producing an excess of food.

This brings us to my next point: allowing food donations. Once we figure out the SNAFU that is the label situation of foods, we would still be left with the issue of being able to donate food to those who need it. There have been attempts like H.R. 644 to give tax breaks to small businesses who donate food in an attempt to incentivize donations, but that resolution has been completely gutted out and had its contents changed by the Senate before being passed. I believe that we should either provide tax breaks or pay subsidies to businesses for donating food, as both would have the same effect.

Of course, there is always the possibility of completely nationalizing the food industry and rationing foods to all denizens of the country to meet individual dietary requirements while simultaneously selling foods to foreign countries to produce income for the government. I would personally support this plan as long as we develop a system to find everybody’s personal dietary needs as we could potentially end lots of health problems as well as starvation in America.


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