Bijutsu – Art

[Created by Me]

With my English class commencing work on yet another art project, I find myself despairing at my complete lack of ability to create even remotely appealing drawings, much less an entire zine. Luckily enough though, zines can cover many different topics are quite fun to read (I’m trying to blend in this required source).

While I’m not exactly excited at the prospect of having to make some form of art, I do certainly find the concept of zines very interesting. Since most people, with the notable exception of me, can draw decent pictures and write legibly, making a zine is a good way to combine both of those basic skills to create a tool that will spread ideas or arguments in an entertaining and simple manners. Zines should be relatively easy for the average person to create, so they allow for the individual to better express and publicize whatever it is they wish for other people to know.

I can definitely see this being used in grassroots politics where small parties and independent candidates could mass produce zines to make their campaign known to the common people. Perhaps one could even fill a zine with dank memes from the interwebs and leave the resultant zines lying everywhere around school and watch as student hysteria follows. Personally, I would rather be creating a zine about nationalizing the economy and promoting socialist ideas, but I shall start small with my group’s chosen topic of education reform, something that is much needed in America, especially in the midst of the whole Trump debacle and with Betsy DeVos as the secretary of education.

I apologize for the click-bait title of art but going off to rant about zines; I’m tired and its currently 4:20 PST (blaze it).


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