Aka – Red

[Created by Me]

I’ve always found it very peculiar that conservatism in America is represented by the color and red and liberalism blue while it is usually the reverse for the majority of the world. America does still use the old imperial system instead of the metric system for many measurements however, so I am not surprised that even our politics is different from what is considered to be the norm for other countries.

Speaking of political colors, a party that understands how red is supposed to symbolize the left-wing has started to gain more party members as a result of all the insanity of the Trump administration.

While I am glad that there are now more people openly embracing the ideology of socialism, I am conflicted on whether this is actually good or bad because the sudden rise of socialism has been caused by Trump. Because of all of the recent craziness in American politics, radicalism has been on the rise recently, and that applies for both the left and right wings. The Democrats are increasingly becoming more socialist while the Republicans are becoming dominated by the alternative-right. This results in a mass disenfranchisement of nonpartisan or more moderate voters which ultimately results in the creation of new parties, like the Democratic Socialists of America, to appeal to those voters.

Hopefully, we will be able to see the rise of a third party in American politics or perhaps even the replacement of one or both of the incumbent parties of Congress.


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