Yuumei – Fame

[Created by Me]

With fame comes power in modern society, and with power comes responsibility as is common knowledge. Like superheroes, celebrities of today’s society possess great power from their fame, and that fame could be used for either good or bad. In the recent case of a certain project by Shia LaBeouf, his particular artwork was meant to spread the message that hate shall not divide us.

Interestingly enough however, it also managed to attract the attention and arouse the anger of white supremacists and other buffoons of similar species. Anger is, for many people, quite a strong emotion, so it’s only natural that people who get upset from the idea of being tolerant and showing human decency towards other people would enter into a fit of rage from seeing a celebrity, a person with power and influence, spread a message that is so opposite of what they believe.

What’s even more intriguing is the fact that LaBeouf’s artwork was successfully protested against and censored by presumably neo-Nazis through violence. Power always has its limits, so perhaps this is the limit of the power acquired from his fame.

Frankly, I’m just absolutely disgusted that they are still people today who refuse to view all human beings as equals and who continue to discriminate against others on the grounds of race or gender. Intolerance, much like the religious portions of American politics, should no longer exist, and efforts should be taken to root out intolerance from society.  What better way is there to accomplish this than through educating the next couple of generations as well as the current generations of humans today that all humans are equal, regardless of skin color or genitalia. Unfortunately, the Trump administration isn’t going to make this easy, what with Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education advocating for privatizing schools and incorporating religion into education.

On a kanji note, the Japanese word 「有名」for “fame” is quite interesting as it literally translates to having 「有る」a name「名」.


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