Tsukuru – Make

[Created by Me]

I’ve always liked creating things, and writing a novel has always been on my long list of things to do. Unfortunately, I must concede to the fact that I currently do not have the time nor skill to accomplish such a goal. Fortunately though, creating music has been something that I’ve always wanted to do as well, and it is something that I am both skilled enough in and have the resources necessary to achieve.

While the exact type of music that I want to make was something that I was uncertain about for many years, my discovery and sudden interest in synthesizers has certainly given me inspiration for exactly what it is that I want to create. Perhaps my most favorite things about synthesizers is having the ability to create almost an infinite number of sounds as well as simply getting lost in the controls of the synthesizer as I am attempting to produce a desired sound but stumble upon a beautiful accident.

I have always used software synthesizers like NI Massive or Xfer Serum, but after doing plenty of research and pleading with my parents, I have obtained my first hardware synth in the form of the JU-06, which is a smaller remake of the Juno 106 that I so greatly desire, and I very much look forward to playing around with all of its sliders for awhile before finally getting to work on my next piece of music as soon as I get an opportunity to do so. While it is true that software synths might be able to do exactly what any hardware synth is capable of doing and perhaps even outperforming them, I believe that it is the feeling of being able to turn the knobs or adjust the sliders and listening as the synthesizer’s sound changes that really inspires me to write something.


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