Kakijun – Stroke Order

Everybody makes mistakes once in a while too, but Donald Trump has tendency to misspell words more often than not according to an article by the LA Times. The correct spelling of words, much like the stroke order of kanji, help us recognize words and understand them better. From that, it can be stated that using the incorrect spelling of words, much like writing kanji in the incorrect stroke order, makes them more difficult to identify and comprehend. Thankfully, most people can spell words correctly, and typical misspelling of words usually don’t reach the point of rendering a word completely incomprehensible.

When it comes to kanji stroke orders, however, using the incorrect order or not following any order at all can result in an incorrect kanji or a very funky one that wouldn’t be recognizable to most people. Additionally, not learning the kanji stroke makes you more liable to making mistakes when writing kanji and makes memorizing kanji unnecessarily difficult.

It vexes me to no end that my fellow Japanese classmates refuse to learn the stroke orders of kanji, much less the standard rules and patterns for the stroke order of kanji. Refusing to learn the stroke order of kanji and lamenting about how complicated kanji are and how hard it is to remember them is not unlike trying to learn French but ignoring the conjugation rules of -er, -ir, or -re for infinitive verbs like “manger” or “dire” and then complaining about how hard conjugation is once you start getting into tenses with different conjugations, like -ez or -ons for “mangeons” or “dirons”.

When learning kanji, there are certain rules and patterns when it comes to the order of writing the strokes of the kanji. These rules are quite simple and can be found in any decent kanji learning course and should take only a few minutes to remember while allowing you to save countless hours in the future when studying kanji.

Frankly, I’m just bewildered and frustrated at people who attempt to learn kanji but don’t follow writing conventions to make their efforts easier.


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