Tokutei – Specifics

Specifics are specifically a “precise detail” according to a specific Google search. This specific week, a specific source was provided for me to specifically talk about specifics.

Specifics aside, I found this particularly document on specifics quite intriguing and quite pleasing for the detail-obsessed reader that is me. I have always known that it is best to be include very specific details about anything mentioned anywhere, but seeing a side-to-side comparison of examples of writings with specifics and those without really effectively demonstrated the difference that details make. The different examples of writings used to show how details, utilized effectively, could improve any kind of writing really got my thoughts going as well. What if we applied details to kanji by describing them more specifically?

Of course, that’s exactly what a good kanji dictionary or book should be doing for its readers: describing kanji using such details that the reader will be able to easily remember the kanji. Mnemonics have more to do with memory than details do, but I’m sure any kanji learner would rather hear about how the complex 「憂鬱」 kanji were created in detail rather than being told to remember the 「月」 kanji by think of its moon shape. After all, boring and general mnemonics without details will bore any learner to death and be unmemorable at the same time.

Now being able to see the difference more clearly than ever before, I shall certainly put in my utmost effort to include more details into these posts, specific kanji details.


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