Kenetsu – Censorship

[Created by Me]

Most of you have probably already heard of the Reddit’s ban of /r/altright. To some of you, this might be an affront to free speech as we know it. To others, this might be a great step forward in public decency. Personally, I’m just curious as to what can be considered an infringement of free speech and what can’t be.

Several particular questions come to mind whenever I encounter a situation similar to this one. Is it ever alright to censor hate speech against specific groups of people? How would banning hate speech affect society? Would it cause people to finally act decently towards one another, or would it simply just give the government another excuse and means of gaining more power and limiting the rights of the individual? Of course, there must be the standard connection to Nazis when it comes to this issue. Would banning Nazis from speaking and demonstrating publicly be acceptable, or would it be infringing on their freedom of speech?

Maybe we can consider censoring hate speech a kind of righteous censorship that seeks to encourage people to be more accepting and sympathetic towards one another rather than overtly demonstrating their contempt for their fellow humans. Whether it is worth it or not to limit civil rights for the good of the public is probably a highly controversial topic.


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