Asobi – Play

[Created by Me]

A TEDx talk by Peter Gray has brought to my attention the critical issue of children and play. Increasing pressure to learn more in school has led to the continuing reduction of play time for children, higher levels of anxiety and depression, and mental disorders becoming more frequent among children.

An interesting point brought up during that TED talk was the fact that parents believe that children will become more successful at life and better people by learning more and more at school and playing less.

I would first like to question why people believe this. In a society where children are expected to become independent adults one day, how would making children even more dependent on schools and teachers make them more successful? In a country where freedom and liberty are basic rights given to all humans, why should children be subject to an increasingly totalitarian education system where free speech is limited and where children’s schedules are practically dictated by school? In order to encourage children to become more independent and understanding of what freedom is, should we not first provide children with independence and freedom instead of stripping them of what little they have?

Leaving off on a kanji note, I would like to mention that I was only able to memorize the kanji「遊」by slacking off on schoolwork and instead devoting precious time to studying Japanese.


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