Naka – Middle

[Created by Me]

Middle, center, neutral-they all mean the same thing to me: moderates.

There’s nothing I despise more in politics than moderates. This might be fallacious, but I believe that you either fight for change or against it. I typically lean towards the side that brings change, but the change that is being brought with the new POTUS, Donald Trump, isn’t the kind of change that I can support under any circumstances.

Speaking of moderates and Trump, the middle class.

The American middle class, or at least the upper middle, as described by the linked article are exactly how their name portrays them: they’re more affluent than a majority of Americans but don’t possess the wealth or prestige of the upper class. The middle class has been lauded by many as the most important class in any socioeconomic ladder and should always be the largest. However, seeing as how only 8 people own as much as 50% of the human population’s wealth and with a rapidly expanding working class, I doubt that the middle class will continue to keep its place as the most important class any longer.

Situations where a few rich individuals owned more wealth and property than a majority of the population have occurred before in the history of the United States. Take the Gilded Era for example. With the GOP dominating both the Senate and the House of Representatives as well as Trump as president with the most affluent cabinet in US history, there’s no doubt that employees will once again begin to lose rights for the sake of their employers’ profits.

In my personal opinion, the most important class in the socioeconomic ladder as of now is the working class. Only when the working class becomes vast enough and grows displeased enough with the upper class will there be a class conflict that will result in the overthrow of the rich and the rule of equality of the workers of the world. Or not. As Darwinistic as capitalism is, communism isn’t the solution we need right now, and with a madman for president, a failed revolution will only provide another reason to tighten down on security and surveillance and further limit our rights.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, with a compulsive liar now president of the United States, we must be vigilant and fight to defend the truth in addition to studying kanji all day.


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