Kyogen – Alternative Facts

[Created by Me]

Frankly, I don’t know what the Japanese equivalent for “alternative facts” is, so I just used one of the many Japanese words for “falsehood” instead. After all, “‘Alternative facts are not facts. They are falsehoods.'”

It greatly upsets, though it doesn’t surprise, me that the Trump administration has already begun lying to the American public, not that they haven’t been doing that even before the elections.

A redditor has done a great comparison on how Trump’s lies perfectly embodies what it means for something to be Orwellian. In summary, Trump’s constant lies and scandals are preventing the media and public from paying much attention to them and bets on the possibility that Trump’s supporters will blindly listen to what he’s saying. His gamble that his followers would actually believe whatever he has to say has proven effective and successful for the most part so far.

The fact that there are people who actually will simply follow Trump’s words without fact checking or doing their own research before deciding that they can believe him is a terrifying reality in America right now. I had once doubted that people could actually so gullible as to not be able to differentiate between a legitimate and a false source of information, but I might have to revise my views on that now.

I believe that what must be preserved above all else is the truth, and we cannot let a man like Trump take away even our facts from us.


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