Hikari – Light

[Created by Me]

I have obtained an LED lamp this week, but ironically, if there is anything that I absolutely dislike but not quite hate, because hate is a strong word, that would be light. Light produced by my monitor, phone’s screen, or other equipment doesn’t count.

For some reason , I just feel sort of bothered or irritated whenever I’m in the presence of any light sources, especially the sun. I do grudgingly concede, however, that light is essential to the safety of human beings, especially at nighttime and in large complexes where natural light isn’t sufficient. Admitting to their necessity still doesn’t change the fact that I possess a dislike for them though. I would honestly much rather being sitting in the safe darkness of my room than the safe brightness of my room. While most people fear the darkness because it could be hiding any unknown thing within it, I feel perfectly safe within darkness, my old friend, and I actually like hiding in the darkness to scare others myself. In fact, one of my favorite kanji is the kanji for night, 「夜」, and nighttime is obviously a time of darkness unless you live in an urban center. However, my favorite darkness cannot exist with my disliked light, so there is a quite intriguing kanji for that concept:明暗.


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