Jitsu – Truth

[Created by Me]

A certain article published by the NPR back in November of last year had claimed that students possess a “‘dismaying’ inability to tell fake news from real.”

First and foremost, I would like to question exactly how the Stanford ended up with those results as I find both my classmates and myself to be growing increasingly cynical, sometimes to the point where they wouldn’t even believe me if I informed them that an AP Chemistry test on Tuesday has been pushed back to Thursday. I am very much shocked at the idea that there are actually people who can’t determine whether an article is providing real of fake information since most fake news barely put in effort to appear genuine. Of course, we can’t necessarily blame the victims students for falling for false news because they probably have never been taught to expect information given to them to be fabricated. We also have to blame the media for creating falsified information in the first place to trick people for revenue.

The main question here is: how can prevent fake news from deceiving people?

We obviously can’t enact any laws to prevent corporations and individuals from creating false information as that would result in the infringement of free speech and possibly lead to massive censorship if the government ever finds it convenient to deem certain information as false.

The alternative solution to giving the government totalitarian authority over information would be to educate students in school on how to differentiate false news from the real deal and reliable sources from their shady counterparts. Most schools censor their internet connections to prevent anything NSFW as well as an untrustworthy sources of information from being accessed by students. That can only be a stop-gap measure that will only take effect for the duration of time that students spend browsing the internet through the school internet though; students would become exposed to all the false information blocked by the school the moment they use internet outside of school and have no way to distinguish the truth from what is false due to being able to expect credible information because of  the schools’ censorship. Therefore, it must be a priority for schools to educate their students to be more discerning as they are browsing the internet.

The third option would be simply to trust nobody at all, not even me. You can never tell who is working for the organization, so always be on the watch!

El. Psy. Congroo.


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