Yoru – Night

[Created by Me]

The general consensus is that night time is when humans get their rest through sleep. Unfortunately, I do not have time for luxuries or imported goods like sleep. Therefore, night has become a time of slaving away at homework and wishing for sleep rather than a time for peaceful slumber.

Speaking of nighttime, an anime that I’ve been watching recently, called Drifters, involved lots of major battles with a majority of them taking place at night. The night does provide any army with natural cover in the darkness after all, so it’s only logical that they would attack at night. Besides, all battles look significantly more awesome than they do in the daytime

Take the initial battles between the empire and the JSDF in the anime Gate. the imperial forces that invaded believed that the cover of the darkness of night would keep them hidden from the Japanese military until they got close enough to fight them. They were gravely mistaken, however, when the JSDF launched their flares and started bombarding them with artillery from their fortified position on top of a hill.

What made the night battle in Gate so cool was being able to see the imperial soldiers becoming so astonished and bewildered when the JSDF lit up the battle with flares. This part really demonstrates the technological superiority of the Japanese military as opposed to the backwardness of the imperial forces still using swords and horses.

The battles throughout Drifters are quite a different species when compared to the one in Gate. The Drifters, as the protagonists are called, have the same technology as the Orte Empire that they are fighting against. They rely solely on skill and strategic ingenuity in order to defeat the once-burgeoning Empire.

Thanks to this equality of technological advancement, we are able to witness how each opposing side behaves during the night. The overconfident imperial soldiers, during one conflict, carelessly attempts to slaughter an elven village during the night. The Drifters took this opportunity to charge in and take them by surprise, easily slicing down any imperials that dare stood in their way.

To put it simply, what I like the most about nighttime is the darkness it brings, and this darkness just happens to make battles look more epic than usual. Besides that fact that I personally think that most things look cooler in the dark, I just happen to also have an affinity for darkness in general, and what better time can we find widespread darkness than at night? I might have mentioned this in an earlier post, but I also like seeing the moon in the sky more than I enjoy viewing the sun and experiencing the heat and overwhelming brightness that it brings. My only dissatisfaction with the night is that light pollution make stars practically invisible to the human eye.

With regards to the kanji for night, I have quite an attachment to it because it is one of the earlier kanji that I have learned. The kanji also looks pretty cool too, though”death” is still more attractive to me.


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