Sekiyu – Oil

[Created by Me]

Natural resources are frequently a cause of many conflicts, whether they be political, economical, or military. One example of such a natural resource would be petroleum and the recent North Dakota pipeline affair.

I find that this whole debacle about building an oil pipeline that would send everyday “more [oil] than the daily out put of Ecuador”absolute preposterous, especially with global warming being a real and major issue. Additionally, I find it despicable that both corporation and government are collaborating to oppress Native American activists and to destroy the environment for the purpose of making a profit from transporting oil. With utmost honesty though, I would be absolutely fine with the construction ending up contributing to the imminent destruction of humanity as a result of global warming if it means ridding the world of greedy individuals like those who choose to attempt to continue expanding the fossil fuel industry.

I believe that the only way to guarantee humanity a future on this planet is by completely switching to renewable energy that wouldn’t harm the environment. Corporations like the one planning to utilize the pipeline to transport petroleum and the government need to stop being so short-sighted and greedy for the sake of future generations and do whatever they can to resolve global warming rather than turning a blind eye to increase revenues. With the recent election of Donald Trump as POTUS however, I doubt that the government and corporations within the United States will make any efforts to combat global warming, viewing it as another problem for future generations to solve so they can make profits while they’re still living.


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