Winter – Fuyu

[Created by Me]

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

A manga that I’ve recently started reading of a certain anime that I’ve been watching this season had revealed to me the perfect planning of the anime’s airing dates. In about four weeks is New Year’s Eve. Also in about 4 weeks in episode 12 of the anime, which should be showing the New Year’s Eve portion of the manga on that episode if they slow down the pace from 2 chapters per episode to place those certain chapters on that date.

For some reason, I find it quite delightful that such small details were taken into account during the scheduling of the anime, and I’ve always been the kind of person to find great pleasure in the smallest of things. I’m quite disappointed with myself, however, because I missed another small detail from a different anime, namely the fact that the show’s characters’ shadows stopped appearing after a certain episode.

I guess I have a strange interest in the minute details of things because being able to notice them while others are unable to feels, to me at least, far more rewarding than being able to notice blatant details. Then again, that could just be because of the illusion that I’m special. In any case, I find myself always paying attention to the finer details of things rather than looking at the bigger picture, which results in me more often than not getting lost in more complex plots. The finer details can be put together to form the bigger though, but I am severely lacking in putting-things-together skills.

On a sidenote, it’s been getting a colder recently, and I feel the cold weather matches so perfectly with a certain anime about shogi airing this fall season and throughout this coming winter season as well.



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