Kyouiku – Education

[Created by Me] I’m really running out of ideas for pictures, so please don’t be too judgmental if you start seeing duplicate pictures with different kanji.

A recent interview with my mother as a part of a class assignment that I was forced to do revealed to me some interesting details of the Vietnamese education system when my mother was still in Vietnam during the 80s.

The Vietnamese education system, or at least the high school portion, as my mother described to me was divided into four departments called Majors A, B, C, and D, and students were divided into each respective department based on their grades, and their future was pretty much decided from there because what they would be learning and what colleges would accept them was already set in stone. Lower grades went to A and B to study literature, language, history, and the like while higher grades went to C and D to study physics, chemistry, biology, etc…

There are so many conflicting opinions in my mind about this system of education, so let us do some good old splitting just like in the old days.

First off, what I like about this system is that by dividing students by intelligence into certain subjects, students will have a less harder time deciding what they want to become in the future and can just focus on studying. Also, students classified in higher Majors get more options with regards to colleges and job opportunities, so there are more incentives to study and perform well in school and on tests.

This reminds of the Sybil System from the anime Psycho-Pass that decides everyone’s future for them from the moment they were born. Everything from what a person studies in school to the job they will be working and even to what a person eats every day is decided by the system, leading to a society abundant in peace and order.

What I extremely dislike of this system is the lack of freedom and its focus on tests instead of learning. Because students are classified by test grades, their very livelihood depends on how well they’ve prepared for the test, not how much they’ve learned in their classes. Furthermore, classifying students into departments further increases the competition between students, which causes school to become more stressful for students and, again, places an emphasis on testing and not learning.

Lastly, schools shouldn’t be able to arbitrarily the decide the life of a person just based on a single test score; people should be able to chose their own futures, granted that they are making smart decisions about it. Nobody should be able to decide on anybody else’s future based on any one thing.


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