Shi – Poetry

[Created by Me] I’m rapidly running out of ideas on how to make my pictures more diverse and interesting.

I can’t exactly call myself a fan of poetry, but hate poetry I do not. This week’s assigned source is a poem, and, if not for the purpose of fulfilling my weekly quota, I would not even be bringing up the topic of poems unless it was a Japanese haiku or a work by Edgar Allen Poe. On a side note, “The Raven” is definitely not one of my favorite poems, and there is absolutely no significance in the fact that I just brought it up.

Getting back on topic, the poem in the picture at the end of this post contains the said assigned poem as a source.

Among the several things that piqued my interest in the poem were the phrases “holy edicts,” “midnight hour,” and “clock.” While I like midnight and particularly enjoy staring at clocks as a hobby, holy edicts isn’t really anything that interests me when regarded from an English language point-of-view. For some strange reason in my mind, however, the word “holy” instantly connected to poetry somehow. The reason for this is not quite hard to follow at all.

The Japanese kanji for poetry 「詩」appears as if it is implying that words 「言」written in a temple 「寺」form poetry. Temples are typically holy places, so I guess that was how I made the jump from “holy” to “poetry.”

To you people who are not knowledgeable in Japanese, I might appear to be a madman, but I can assure you all that I am completely sane, or at least I appear to be so. It’ll all make sense once you start on the long and hard journey to Japanese fluency.



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