Mangetsu – Full Moon

[Created by Me]

While not quite as impressive as the supermoon that I keep reading about on virtually every source of news nowadays, a full moon is still quite a wonderful sight.

I’ve always been particularly fond of mythical creatures like werewolves or vampires, of humans that aren’t quite as normal as they appear to be. In the case of werewolves, and as I’m sure we all know, they are humans who transform into wolves on nights where there is a full moon. Werewolves and vampires are usually associated with each other since werewolves are affected by full moons while vampires can only go out freely during the night or under some form of protection from sunlight.

If I had to choose between being a vampire and being a werewolf, I would have to take the former option. Perhaps a younger me would have chosen the latter without hesitation, but a certain character in a game series titled Touhou Project had completely convinced me to join the side of the bloodsuckers a few years back when I had first discovered Touhou Project. Fast forward a few years and I now find myself as a staunch supporter of the vampire so famously known as the Scarlet Devil after wavering between the so-called Seven-Colored Puppeteer or the maid that controls time.

Now, what does all this have to do with the moon?

Within Touhou Project, there are many different types of mythical creatures, in addition to vampires, who are collectively referred to as “youkai.” Among those youkai are a prominent figure who I shall refer to as the Mistress of Gaps and Trains. Said youkai had convinced her fellow youkai of Gensoukyou (the setting of the game series) to wage war on the Lunarians of the moon in the Genso-Lunar war, which ended in a Lunarian victory.

None of this is really significant in any way possible, but I just find this kind of trivial stuff amusing and infinitely delightful. Being able to find this kind of pleasure in Touhou Project is why I, along with countless fans worldwide, like it so much. Proof of this is the fact the a majority of circles that participate in the annual Summer and Winter Comiket are Touhou Project circle, with every Comiket having a day dedicated entirely to Touhou Project ever since its rise to prosperity.

Discovering and falling in love with Touhou Project was a major event in my life, as Touhou Project was sole reason why I even started learning Japanese. Since then, many other awesome things has happened to me as a result of Touhou Project. However, it all comes back to the satisfying feeling of quite literally dodging rain and conquering one stage after another before finally reaching the last boss and then winning the game on Lunatic Mode only to uncover a hidden extra stage.


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