Haisha – Loser

[Created by Me]

The victory of Donald Trump in the recent November Elections has been a major shock to most people around the world, especially to the American who were, like everyone else, convinced that Trump would lose the elections. For example, a certain article was quite specific with its examples of a certain candidate’s supporters being sore losers while not mentioning a word about the other’s supporters. That brings up some questions in my mind.

Was the media intentionally portraying Trump negatively because they assumed that he was going to lose? The rest of the world sure believed that, so it would only be natural for them to go along  with the popular opinion. However, why was the slim chance that Trump would win complete disregarded? I could imagine that dissing Trump while supporting Hillary might have resulted in some short-term profits for the media, so they would have some incentive to portray Clinton so positively and Trump so negatively.

More importantly, what will happen to the media from now on? They’ve incorrectly predicted that Hillary Clinton was going to win as president; it’s very likely that the people will begin to question be more suspicious of the media.

Perhaps the most important question is, how will the future of the United States of America turn out to be? Will we soon become the Divided States of America? Is there any chance of another civil war breaking out? Will those who oppose having Trump as president eventually acknowledge that Donald Trump will become the next POTUS? Will California really secede?

However, what I am most concerned with is, when are we going to get rid of the obsolete electoral college that allowed for, for the fourth time in American history now, a candidate with a minority of votes to win and become POTUS?

On a sidenote, “haisha” could also mean “dentist” in Japanese. That might be useful in future puns.


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