Toki – Time

[Created by Me]

Time is a precious resource that I find myself constantly in deficiency of. Deficiency of time leads to deficit spending of it, and deficit spending means cutting down on my daily, precious, and recommended 8 hours of sleep, which has been reduced to a mere 4 hours of a comatose state every day. The issue at hand here isn’t the fact that I’m not getting enough sleep, however, as the main topic is a concept far more interesting than my currently-on-5-hours-of-sleep-ramblings.

Believe it or not, time is not a constant, and its perception heavily, or perhaps even entirely, depends on the observer. In other words, time is relative (however, as I am currently a student of chemistry and not physics, I believe that I have no right to be speaking in detail about relativity). For example, when I am bored out of my mind and have nothing better to do than to pontificate life, time seems to be passing excruciatingly slowly. Contrary to that, when I am completely absorbed into reading a very interesting manga, like Drifters, time passes by infinitely faster as I could be starting on Chapter 1 at 23:00 and end up on Chapter 25 at 01:00 the next day, which was actually what happened last night, and feel as if I had only  been reading for 15 minutes. Basically, time depends on how you define it, and it is not constant.

An interesting thing that I had read in the latest assigned chapter for APUSH was that, before the market revolution in the United States, time was usually defined as the seasons of the years since most people were farmers at the time. When the market revolution took place, the perception of time was changed to the hours of a day as wage work with hourly or daily pay became increasingly common, which, among other factors, led to time becoming more and more defined by clocks.

This all relates back to the kanji for time, which written as a combination of the kanji for “day” 「日」and the kanji for “temple” 「寺」. Since temples kept track of each passing day, time was defined by the temples’ days.

Now I just wish for some way to gain more time while having to do less work.


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