Hon – Book

[Created by Me]

Some call them games while others refer to them as books. I would belong in the latter camp when it comes to classifying visual novels. Visual novels, to us, are just books with music, lots of art, sometimes voice acting, and most importantly choices. In other words, they’re the perfect combination of all forms of entertainment to us.

Recently, a new, highly anticipated visual novel titled 「Re:LieF~親愛なるあなたへ~」had been released. Suspiciously, or perhaps coincidentally, the title of this particular VN is very similar to an amazing manga series titled “ReLIFE,” and it just happens to share the plot of struggling adults going back to a high school environment to help them become productive members of society.

What I had most anticipated was the release of another VN by the title of 「銀色、遥か」, which is supposedly Tone Work’s’ (or is it just Tone Work’s, since the name already has an apostrophe?) greatest work in addition to being its latest one. This turned out to be a major mistake on my part, as I had incorrectly read the release date, which was 26/08/16, as October 26th instead of August 26th. That wasn’t really a big issue, however, because I was far too bogged down with projects and tests during the week of October 26th and never got the chance to check on the VN community’s response to its release. I was relieved, however, that I probably would be able to get myself a copy of  「銀色、遥か」soon and that there was certain to be a walkthrough for all of the routes by now.

Speaking of walkthroughs, I found it absolutely crazy and hilarious how, within the same day that Re:LieF had released, someone from one of the major Japanese walkthrough sites posted a completed walkthrough for the VN.

Anyway, I was quite pleased with myself for being able to get my hands on both visual novels in a timely manner. I’ll probably need to actually finish the entirety of Kodansha’s Kanji Learner Course’s 2300 kanji before I can even read a small portion of the book, but that only motivates me to learn even more kanji than ever before. I look forward to the day I finish these books.


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