Renshuu –  Practice

Whether one is learning programming, piano, or kanji, practicing is the most important part to improving at any skills. Recently, I’ve been attempting and struggling to learn and practice all three mentioned skills in my free time. 

Kanji is what I’m currently spending the most time on and is therefore what I am currently the best at amount those three skillsets currently. I always find myself spendinf over 2 hours a day reviewing and learning kanji, and I absolutely love the feeling of being able to read even more material than the day before. Learning kanji is a difficult but quite addictive endeavor if you find the right motivation and acquire sufficient discipline to maintain a consistent schedule for kanji. 

I’ve been unable to find time to practice piano at all lately, and my skill level has been decreasing dramatically as a result. During the previous summer break,  during which I spent three to four hours in front the piano everyday without missing a day, I was able to play any of Chopin’s waltzed and ballades as I pleased. However, I currently find myself struggling to even play the simple trills found at the beginning various waltzes and in the first Ballade. I would love to have more free time everyday to continue to practice piano and further improvey skills as a pianist. 

I’ve just started programming,  and I’ve been dedicating an hour a day to learning Java for over a week already. I’m able to understand a lot more of Java than I did week ago. However, I’m still incapable working on any major projects right now, but I am certainly learning at a very fast pace.

My favorite thing about practicing in general is being able to experience myself improving slowly but surely, or sometimes quickly but definitely, at whatever skill it is that I am currently practicing. Being able to reap the benefits of one’s hard work is certainly a satisfying experience. 


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