Nemuri – Sleep

Sleep is something that I, as an AP student, am quite unfamiliar with. Even a standard night’s worth of 8 hours of sleep is infinitely desirable yet forever unattainable. Perhaps the amount of homework assigned from one specific class about the history of the country currently with the world’s highest GDP (APUSH)  has something to do with this deprivation of sleep.

The topic of sleep has also been a recent topic in AP English with our upcoming essay regarding the matter of whether schools should start later or not. I am highly opposed to this idea and personally feel that this would at best would have positive effects on students for only a limited time before everything would return to status quo but only a few hours later than before. This would be something resembling a daylight savings time but exclusively for anyone whose schedule is affected by when school starts.

Merely delaying the time of when school starts in order to help students get more sleep is like trying to heal a man who has committed hara-kiri with a bandage. The cause of our lack of sleep lies in more serious issues that require major changes to solve.

I personally argue for reducing the amount of homework assigned, especially the amount assigned over weekends and during the various breaks throughout the school year. Sometimes, the cause of our lack of sleep is because of the sheer volume of homework assigned on particular days, though this is not always the root of the issue.

Another solution to this problem would be having a course to actually teach students how to study and do homework without getting distracted by social media and the Internet in general, especially by the front page of the Internet (Reddit) and how to deal with procrastination and stress as well as helping them develop time management skills. From both personal experience and from my friends’ experiences, I recognize the biggest problem as procrastination or distraction, and the cause of our procrastination is typically because the time is currently 04:00 and we’ve just finished our APUSH chapter outline and feel that we really need to get some sleep instead of doing homework not due until next week. We also shouldn’t be punishing students who are taking sports or band with a full schedule of AP classes by making them have to stay even later hours after school by delaying starting and therefore the ending time of school, but we should instead support all students by allowing them to acquire such useful skills that will help them for many years in the future.

In summary, I despise the fact that the only solution currently proposed to help students get more sleep is by delaying school hours. Believing that merely applying a bandage to a fatal stomach wound to save a man is idiotic and not unlike delaying school to solve the problem of sleep deprivation. Delaying when school starts would surely solve a multitude of other problems, like resolving traffic jams and allowing more students to be able to come to school on time, but the actually issue of getting enough sleep will hardly be solved but might instead be worsened.


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