Higashi – East

I love to look at all maps, but I especially love to look at world maps whose continents are dyed with the color of Shinonome Red and with the Shinonome flags raised above them. World domination jokes aside, I’ve always been bothered about how different regions are called on maps.

We can all agree that East is where the sun rises from and West is where the sun sets. That makes me question why the East Coast of the United States is called East and the West Coast called West when there are regions that are closer to tbe West Coast called the Far East and regions close to the East Coast called Western Europe.

Why can’t we decide on consistent cardinal direction names for regions? I understand that there are lots of regions in the world and that the world needs to have a metaphorical center if we want to make a standard for naming regions. I don’t mind at all how regions are named on maps right now, but I just found it interesting how there are many definitions of East and West depending on the different regions of the world.


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