Ame – Rain

[Created by Me]

Today, it rained. There was only a little bit of it, but it rained. When it rains, there are clouds, and I just happen to love both rain and overcast skies. The grey, indirect lighting subtly lights the sky and earth in a manner that isn’t too blinding or hot like how a clear sky’s sun is. Furthermore, the overall mood is slightly melancholic and not overly bright (pun intended) to the point of vexation. This just so coincidentally happens to complement the mood of a majority of my music library, which adds yet another reason as to why I like rain so much; it enables me to listen to more songs that I would normally be  able to on a sunny day. Of course, I find the sounds of rain dripping off of the roof of a building or raindrops hitting the ground to quite pleasant and relaxing. The smell of an after-rain world is quite pleasing to my nose as well. I wish that it could rain more often in California. Maybe then we’ll have a less severe drought.

The kanji for rain is quite fitting too, and I’ve always viewed it as from the point of view of a person sitting indoors looking outdoors through a window to witness the drops of rain as they fall. Maybe rain watching should become a thing, like moon watching of flower watching. On an somewhat relevant note, the kanji for rain is found in the kanji for “cloud” 「雲」which is a vital part of the Shinonome「東雲」name.


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