Itami – Pain

[Created by Me]

Whilst reading a somewhat emotionally impactful manga over the weekend, I had thought back to my personal question of how stories affect me as a person, and I noticed that stories are usually only important to me or affect me if they are tragic. Thus, I have recently been gravitating towards more depressing manga whilst neglecting my beloved collection of romantic comedy light novels in an attempt to find a story that will affect me or have importance in my life.

Though I feel that finding a story that will affect me as a person is important, I primarily just read for the fun of reading and getting absorbed into a story, and perhaps I am just strangely attracted to the idea of watching others suffer, which is usually referred to as schadenfreude, or harm-joy. Indeed, more often than not, I find myself grinning in delight as I watch the characters of a story suffer, and thus that is perhaps why I am gravitating towards tragic stories more than comedic ones.

Getting back on track, I just happened to feel a strange and cruel sense of delight as I watched the protagonist suffer and struggle in the manga I was reading. I can say with some certainty, though, that I only feel this evil delight towards characters in stories and not in real life, as that would be problematic for both me and those who I know.

On a kanji note, this is the first kanji I’ve used okurigana with.



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