Daikirai – Hate

[Created by Me]

As I type out this blog post, I am simultaneously working on my chemistry lab homework and trying to memorize a cursed song for my Japanese class. I’ve always despised homework because it robs me of all of my time for everything else: reading time, music time, piano time, eating time, relaxing time, sleeping time. I do realize that a part of the problem is my own fault for procrastinating and not doing homework over time in order to get more sleep, but the sheer amount of homework assigned might also have something to contribute to depriving me of my precious sleep. Thus, in an attempt to victimize homework, I will declare my hatred for the abomination that homework is and pass the blame onto it for taking my time and life away due to its sheer volume.

Also, we have some more okurigana with this kanji combination. I also apologize for the brevity of this post, but I have literally developed terminal cancer because of the Japanese song and dance assignment. My fellow J3 students will understand Unsere Kämpfen hopefully.


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