Rei – Nothing, Zero

[Created by Me]

For some inexplicable reason today, I have heard and read the word “零” (rei) over and over again from a new anime that started airing and also from a song that I just happened to be in the mood to listen to for approximately 6 hours. Coincidentally, the forename of the protagonist of said anime and the first word of said song were both the word “零,” which also coincides with the fact that the time that I started typing this post is around midnight, or “零時,” (reiji, which is 00:00). I only wish that the temperature outdoors was 零度 (reido, or 0°C) right now, for I do confess my powerful, passionate love for all things cold.

The concept of zero and nothingness invokes within me a strange mixture of rapture and melancholy. Zero is a number that I hold dearly to me because it is the product of the contradiction of creating something, in this case the concept of nothing, from out of, quite literally, nothing. Speaking of contradictions, the number zero also represents to me a beginning, a concept that I interpret as emptiness and nothing, like the blank templates of a new blog post or the blank sheets of white that word processors project onto my retinas through my monitor that I often find myself staring at when starting on a new APUSH outline or an essay. The latter of the two examples brings me great anxiety and an overwhelming sense of despair, which causes me to feel only mild amounts of melancholy.

With all seriousness aside, I do hope that my hours of free time will someday increase from 零 to some amount greater that that and that the amount of homework I am obliged to complete daily will decrease from over 9000 to 零.


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