Shinonome – Dawn (The Eastern Clouds)

[Created by /u/WilliamHealy, Edited by Me]

A recent zero draft in class about our names had inspired me to reminisce about the meanings of my names, specifically my surname in Japanese: Shinonome. The two kanji that make up the name Shinonome are 東, meaning “east”, and 雲, meaning “cloud”. “East” and “cloud” combine together to form a new word with a new meaning (no, it doesn’t mean eastern cloud despite how logical that would be): dawn. However, 東雲 is rarely ever actually used as the noun for dawn and is primarily used as a surname, specifically my Japanese surname. You might be wondering what significance does this word/name have, and the answer is there is no significance at all. I merely found this kanji combination to be possess an interesting meaning and cool pronunciation when put together in addition to the fact that the kanji themselves look somewhat awe-inspiring, and that is exactly all it takes to make a good Japanese name: the kanji just have to look cool together.


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