[Created by Me]

I love kanji. They are a wonderful tool of literature that simultaneously represent both meaning and pronunciation; they can sometimes be used alone or combined together to form words. They can be created from other kanji and can make up larger kanji with the newer kanji’s meaning either similar to or completely different from its constituents. Unlike the Roman letters that make up our alphabet, which in turn makes up all of the words of the English language, every single individual kanji has a meaning by itself and perhaps the same or even another meaning when combined with words. Kanji can also be tricky as they have different pronunciations when used by themselves compared to when they are used together in words formed by multiple kanji. This distinction between pronunciation and meaning can lead to some interesting scenarios, such as when a word created by combining kanji has a different pronunciation forced upon it to imply a differing meaning than that of the original word formed by the kanji. While all of this makes kanji more interesting and fantastic, kanji also become a lot harder to learn as every single word that a kanji is used in might be utilizing a different pronunciation or meaning of the kanji, and simply learning a stand-alone kanji doesn’t bring one any closer to fluency in Japanese. Therefore, for the rest of this year and for a portion of the next year, I shall continue to pursue my goal leaning 2300 kanji within 6 months, with a goal of at least 20 a day. This journey will not be an easy one, but I will do my best and give it my all to achieve my goal of mastering a moderate quantity of the multitudes kanji that exist within the Japanese language.


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